EMS Synthi A


Perhaps the most iconic British synthesiser of all time and popular with the Radiophonic Workshop, the EMS VCS3 (‘Putney’) appeared on an unsuspecting public in 1969 with a suitcase version the Synthi A (‘Portobella’) to follow in 1971. Both were controllable by a DK1 keyboard (‘Cricklewood’).


The DK.0 was the original prototype from 1969. Only two or three are known to have been made.


The Synthi was re-designed in 1972 with a keyboard sequencer and Presto patch, the Synthi AKS.



The Radiophonic Workshop was one of the few institutions which could afford to upgrade to EMS’ top of the line laboratory system, the Synthi 100.


In time, the Delaware fell out of favour, quite possibly on account of its real estate, and was dismantled. In its place, Brian Hodgson commissioned a small but powerful modular system designed by EMS associate Ken Gale, the Wavemaker.

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