BBC Marconi AXBT microphone

Marconi AXBT microphone

The BBC Marconi AXB pressure gradient microphone was introduced in 1934, reputedly as a means to avoid the cost of importing RCA44 microphones from the States.


With its 2.5 inch ribbon and bass proximity boost, it became synonymous with the ‘voice of Aunty’ and an iconic symbol of the Corporation’s global reach.

bbc-axbt-chinese-sectionSubsequently improved with advances in magnetic materials, the T-painted AXBT (see top photo) with Ticonal magnet appeared in 1946 with an improved sensitivity for 6dB more output gain and better transient response.


Whilst designed primarily for the speaking voice,  a fabulous microphone for ambient applications such as drum overhead with a tight angle of incidence and general room vibe in the modern music studio.

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