BBC Radiophonic Workshop portable effects unit


The PEU/1 was another piece of wartime kit originally designed for the test engineer on the move, which would have had a lid and shoulder strap.

Re-purposed by the Radiophonic Workshop for creative sound sculpture, it offered basic equalisation with a passive inductive high and low pass filter.

Here seen in the background of a typical working day with Daphne Oram.


And standing the test of time, in a later era with Paddy Kingsland


BBC Radiophonic Workshop Zither


One of two ‘Foreign’ instruments heavily modified by the Radiophonic Workshop during the early years; the other being an acoustic six stringed guitar.

Each string of the zither was wound with a custom electromagnetic pickup system for pseudo stereo effect.



A BBC Monograph written as early as 1963 refers to these instruments in the inventory of Workshop II, along with many others, some of which have survived and are now held in deep storage by the Science Museum.